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Want a healthier and more productive workplace?

We believe all employees play a critical role in business success. That’s why we’ve developed Australia’s most technologically advanced employee health screening program that is highly time and cost efficient, enabling rollout to your entire workforce, not just senior management.

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A Strategic Approach To Employee Health & Wellbeing

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Catalyse Genuine Behaviour Change In Your Employees

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Gain Unprecedented Insights For Your Organisation

Improve Employee & Organisational Performance

Your employees benefit from:

  • Improved health literacy via a 20-page personalised report
  • Motivation and support to improve their health and lifestyle behaviours
  • Tracking of health changes against a known baseline
  • Personalised advice from a GP regarding any further investigations required

Your organisation benefits from:

  • A more strategic and “needs based” approach to employee health & wellbeing:
    – Comprehensive de-identified data insights about key health risks, trends and drivers
    – Additional proactive support for identified “high-risk” staff
    – Year-on-year data to demonstrate changes and trends in organisational health
    – Guidance on organisational initiatives and mitigating strategies to address identified risks
  • Gaining a reputation as a progressive and humanistic employer
  • Gaining a competitive advantage over other employers in your industry
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What We Assess

Boncentric’s comprehensive employee health screening tool is based on contemporary bio-psycho-social research together with evidence-based clinical guidelines for preventative health

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Metabolic Risks
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The Process

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Employee completes an online questionnaire

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Boncentric conducts an onsite consult

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Employee provides a small blood sample

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Boncentric’s Medical Team review results

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Boncentric issues employee report

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Boncentric issues management report

How Your Organisation Benefits from Boncentric's Employee Health Screening Tool

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Tangible Health & Wellbeing Support for your Employees

Employees gain access to a cutting-edge preventative health screening program that assesses existing or emerging bio-psycho-social issues, and offers clear and personalised advice and treatment pathways from a highly experienced medical team.

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A More Strategic & Targeted Approach for your Company

The Boncentric philosophy encourages a more strategic and proactive approach to employee health and wellbeing, contrasting the reactive or ‘blanket’ approach of traditional employee wellbeing initiatives.

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Effectively Manage Employees Who Are At Risk

You may know who they are, but you need a more proactive way to help them. Boncentric offers a powerful assessment and intervention tool that motivates “high risk” employees to mitigate identified physical and psychological health risks.


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