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Most people service their cars regularly to prevent breakdowns and ensure optimal performance, but few take a similar approach to their bodies. Isn’t it time you had a thorough assessment of your health and wellbeing?

Boncentric’s comprehensive patient health screening tool gives you the full picture. It shows whether your daily habits are helping or hindering your health and provides straightforward guidance and resources to keep you performing at your best.

You’ll feel educated, equipped and motivated to make positive changes, with the ongoing support of your GP and allied health team as necessary.

Health Screening Components

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Health Screening Process

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Consultation with GP

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Blood Test

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Online Questionnaire

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Your personalised report is issued by our medical team

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Follow up consultation with your GP (if required)

Frequently Asked Questions

Boncentric's health screening tool is available at participating GPs. If you'd like to undertake a screening, then ask your GP about it. You can even give them a copy of this brochure

Boncentric’s health screening tool is offered by participating GPs. Your costs will depend on your practice’s pricing model (e.g. whether they bulk bill), whether you have a concession card, and whether your blood tests can be bulk billed. Remember that ill-health can be very expensive when you’re paying for medications, specialist appointments, more frequent GP consultations and lost earnings. A modest cost for using Boncentric's health screening tool is a small price to pay compared to the immense health value it may deliver in both the short and longer term. 

Do you know if your cholesterol is high? Or your blood glucose? Do you know whether your kidneys and liver are in good shape? Do you know whether you're drinking alcohol to unsafe levels, getting proper nutrition or doing enough physical activity? What about your stress levels and the importance of social networks and support? You may already know some of these things but not how they relate to one another. Did you know, for example, that your cardiac and metabolic health is also linked to your social and natural environment? Or that your metabolic health significantly affects your risk associated with COVID-19? Boncentric's health screening tool shows you the whole picture which empowers you to make changes with your GP’s support. 

You need to take action to lower your risk. That could take many forms. Maybe your GP needs to create a care plan for you, refer you for more detailed tests or start you on some medication. Maybe you need to change your diet, activity levels, address some stress or mental health issues, stop smoking or drink less. You can talk to your GP, who can help you make lasting changes to improve your health. In 6-12 months, you can complete a follow-up Boncentric health screening. It's often encouraging to compare your first report with your second one, which hopefully shows that your overall health is improving thanks to the changes you've made. 

We maintain high standards of patient confidentiality as required by law. Your results will be reviewed by our experienced in-house medical team then both you and your referring GP will receive a report with your results and suggestions. No-one else sees your identifiable data, it's private and will always remain that way. 

A lot of good stuff! The report issued by our Medical Team includes a cover letter listing our recommendations and treatment options, a results summary using traffic-light reporting to indicate your risk levels, and detailed information about your:

  • Biological age
  • Metabolic risk
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood glucose 
  • Lipids (cholesterol and more)
  • Liver function
  • Body composition
  • Nutrition
  • Activity and fitness
  • Sleep
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol consumption 
  • Stress
  • Anxiety and depression levels
  • Social determinants 

Your report is written in plain English, not medical jargon, and includes links to further information and helpful resources on each topic. 

Your GP receives a summary report outlining your clinical findings to review and discuss with you regarding further management.

That's great! You've got peace of mind and reassurance that your lifestyle promotes good health. It may still be worth repeating the health screening every 12 months to check whether you're still in great shape. Even healthy people often have certain areas that could use further attention. 

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Keen To Try Boncentric's Health Screening Tool?

Boncentric’s health screening tool is available through participating GPs. Ask your GP if they offer it.

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