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With Boncentric's comprehensive bio-psycho-social health screening tool 

As a GP, we see the outcomes of preventable disease on a daily basis. But we work in a reactive healthcare system that’s geared towards treating sickness in a short consultation rather than assisting people to remain healthy.

Boncentric enables you to make outcome-driven preventive care a reality within your existing practice constraints. How? By using our unique and comprehensive bio-psycho-social health screening tool developed from the ground up by an experienced Australian medical team.

The Process

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Consultation with GP

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Blood Test

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Online Questionnaire

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Personalised Patient Report

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GP Summary Report

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Follow up Consultation With GP

The Process Explained

Patients attend an appointment with a GP at your clinic or by tele-consult, then complete a blood test followed by a remote online questionnaire. 

The consolidated findings are reviewed by one of our in-house GPs and a comprehensive Patient Report is then securely issued (including treatment options) together with a GP Summary to assist with ongoing clinical care.

After many years of providing this service in workplace settings, over the last 2 years, Boncentric has completed primary healthcare pilots involving over 350 patients.

The vast majority of patients took significant action to improve their health after receiving their reports, with a range of objective and subjective data captured to validate this. 

Patient Post-Assessment Actions

Bar chart showcasing the actions taken by patients post assessment

Multiple Benefits For Your Practice

Your patients benefit from:

  • Improved health literacy via a 20-page personalised report issued by our medical team
  • Motivation and support to improve their health and lifestyle behaviours
  • Tracking of health changes against a known baseline
  • Recognising their GP’s central role in managing their health

Your practice benefits from:

  • Receiving a thorough analysis of a patient’s modifiable health risks
  • Follow-up appointments, which provide greater connection to your patients
  • Identifying patients who need more regular recalls due to identified health risks
  • Creating care plans for eligible patients (up to 45% conversion)
  • Documentation to support care plans and subsequent allied health involvement
  • Increased patient loyalty due to improved perceptions of holistic care
  • A reputation as a progressive practice that actively promotes preventive healthcare
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How Your Practice Can Use Boncentric's Health Screening Tool

icon for Baseline Tool For New Patients

Baseline Tool For New Patients

Quickly understand your new patient’s most pressing health risks and establish a strong doctor-patient relationship when you use Boncentric as part of your new patient registration process.

icon for Patients Who Seem Healthy

Patients who Seem Healthy

Even young and seemingly healthy patients may demonstrate concerning biomarkers or undisclosed mental health struggles. Boncentric shows you what’s really going on beneath the surface, enabling timely early intervention.

icon for Patients Who Are At Risk

Patients Who Are At Risk

You know who they are, but you need a better way to help them. Boncentric offers a powerful health assessment and education tool that motivates patients to change with your support. This applies to both those with identified cardiometabolic risk and downstream comorbidities. 


Boncentric’s health screening tool for medical practices has an affordable, flexible price structure with no lock-in contracts and no out-of-pocket costs for GPs.

Patients may pay a small fee for the service as well as the usual fee for their consultations with you. 

GP & Patient Feedback

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Frequently Asked Questions

Boncentric's health screening is based on extensive contemporary bio-psycho-social research together with evidence-based clinical guidelines for preventative health. 

The screening is a bio-psycho-social assessment covering traditional biomedical measures overlaid with key lifestyle, psychological and social determinant components. The goal is to efficiently assess the preventable health risk factors that together contribute to a large disease burden in Australia (at least 80% of cardiometabolic risk and 30% of common cancers). The specific components are all based on robust evidence, supported by a large repository of contemporary biomedical and social research literature, further informed by the involvement of an experienced allied health team. 

Boncentric's screening tool meets all clinical key criteria identified by international medical bodies regarding an appropriate multi-system clinical tool to address the current burden of preventable illness (and the newly established relationship with co-morbidity and COVID-19 infection prognosis). It also fully complies with all patient data security and privacy standards and legislation. 

Boncentric is an Australian company whose health screening tool is already well-established in the corporate sphere. Boncentric benefits from a research partnership with UNSW's Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity. 

Referring GPs follow a simple process that easily fits within the time constraints of a busy general practice. It takes only a few minutes to refer a patient for the initial screening. When the screening is complete, the results summary can be reviewed quickly, just as you would read and action a patient's pathology results. Then you can recall the patient to discuss the findings and next steps in at least one follow-up appointment, possibly more if the patient requires a care plan. 

Absolutely not. In fact, Boncentric supports GPs in reclaiming their role at the centre of preventative healthcare, enabling experienced career generalists to "join the dots" via evidence-based objectivity as well as intuition. This is vital at a time when patients and media often look to other "wellness industries" and governments to extend the scope of non-GP professionals. Boncentric's screening tool gives you full preventative health information about each patient, meaning you can provide better comprehensive, coordinated care. You will likely find that it becomes a fundamental part of your practice, not just for prevention or early intervention but also for effective active management of patients with chronic disease. 

The goal of this tool is to establish both a baseline and enable a periodic reassessment of progress against that baseline (comparative results are included on the summary page of the report). Patients are motivated when they see that their lifestyle improvements are making a real difference to their objective and subjective health measures over time. This is also important at a population level, as the same comparative results feed into de-identified aggregate data sets to demonstrate the efficacy of Boncentric's screening tool over a defined patient population. Over time, this will help catalyse the necessary outcome-based funding changes required for ongoing high quality primary healthcare services.

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