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So much human suffering and misery comes from diseases that should have been preventable but were not.”

Francis Collins, Director of the National Institutes of Health, USA

We know that many serious health issues like cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer can be prevented or alleviated through improved lifestyles and early clinical interventions. 

It sounds easy but proves difficult because the health system is geared towards treating disease rather than preventing it.

Boncentric makes prevention and early intervention possible using an evidence-based bio-psycho-social screening tool developed by an experienced Australian medical team. It’s clinically proven to significantly enhance patient health outcomes, catalyse behaviour change and foster stronger doctor-patient relationships.


About Boncentric

Boncentric is a unique blend of medical, allied health and business professionals who understand the challenges faced by healthcare providers, workplaces and public / private funders in effective population health management.

As a social enterprise our goal is to comprehensively address one of the biggest issues facing healthcare globally – prevention and early interventionTo achieve this, we’ve developed an advanced bio-psycho-social risk evaluation tool that has been rigorously tested and refined across thousands of health screenings in both workplace and primary healthcare settings.

We invite you to join us in effectively addressing one of the most significant health and wellbeing challenges of our time, both at an individual and community level.

What We Assess

Movement & Fitness Icon
Sleep Icon
Alchol Smoking
Psychological health
Physical Metrics
Key Biomedical Indicators
Metabolic Risks
Respiratory Function

The Process

Consultation with GP

Blood Test

Online Questionnaire

Personalised Patient Report

GP Summary Report

Follow up Consultation With GP

Delivering Tangible Health Outcomes

Measurable results for patients, practices and workplaces

Follow-up consultation with GP

Care Plans generated

Allied health booking

Improved sleep

Adopted a better diet

Increased exercise

Better mental health

Alcohol reduction


Who we work with

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Meet Some of Our Team

Dr. Ross Baillie

medical director

Dr. Graeme Edwards

occupational physician

Dr. Roma Bowd

health psychologist

Dr. Rolf Gomez


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